Car Title Loan without Right to Drive

Any person can encounter an unforeseen situation when immediate money is required. When you have a personal car, you can transfer it to the car pawn shop accepting a car for repayment without right to drive. This service differs from usual credit on car by larger loan amount and rather low interest rate, at this, a car is in the parking lot and not used by the owner until all payments with the financial organization are made in full.

Necessary documents

To receive money on security of car without right to drive, it is necessary to provide a set of documents in addition to the vehicle.

  • Passport;
  • TIN;
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate.

In some cases, a marriage certificate, passport/TIN of the spouse and his/her consent are required.

Peculiarities of the service

Once all the documents are submitted, the car pawn shop specialists inspect the pledged item, perform its serviceability testing, and assess the condition. Then the Credit Committee is called to determine the car cost, interest rate on the deal and amount of the documentation procedure. This takes no more than 30 minutes. When the terms are developed and are satisfactory for both parties, the deal will be executed and payment will be made.

The amount of loan granted by our company can reach 90% of the car price. Compared to usual credit, the car pawn shops have lower interest rate and minimum documentation cost. A set of documents is minimum, that’s why money is granted very quickly. By taking a car in pledge with parking, the company undertakes to secure it and ensure day and night surveillance.

When a car remains in the parking lot, both parties sign an Acceptance/Transfer Act. It should include the following:

  • mileage;
  • fuel tankage;
  • vehicle’s existing defects.

If any defects are present, they are recorded before signing the Act.

The car owner should make all credit payments in strict compliance with the schedule. CAR INVEST UKRAINE provides for early repayment that is not subject to extra penalties.

Additional services

In average, all car pawn shops grant a car title loan without right to drive in Kiev for a maximum period of 1 year. Very often, the car owners give additional handling recommendations when signing the agreement:

  • regularly start up a car to maintain all its units serviceable;
  • cover a car to protect it from atmospheric and ultraviolet exposure.

Most of the borrowers successfully repay loans and pick up their vehicles from the parking lot, but sometimes the car remains at the disposal of the car pawn shop due to the client’s debt. Such car is put up for sale, primarily, via the auction. If you saw a car of your dream in such an action and wanted to buy it under leasing, contact CAR INVEST UKRAINE. We will purchase out this car for you and perform leasing procedure on very advantageous conditions.