Car Title Loan

When you need money immediately but you have absolutely no time to collect documents for applying for loans with the banks and other financial organizations, it is more beneficial to apply for a car title loan with the right to drive from the companies specialized in car loans. A minimum set of documents is required for a deal, and money will be granted on the date of signing the agreement. In the capital city of Ukraine, the simple and transparent conditions of car loans are offered by CarInvest Company. We grant credit in cash or transfer to your account. We work even with people whose credit history is far from ideal.

Where to get a car title loan without parking?

When you need money immediately and there is a used car available, first of all, the opportunity to put it up in the auto pawn shop as collateral or get a credit from the bank is considered. Both these methods are associated with a number of inconveniences. Firstly, both organizations grant a loan not to all people and not for each car. Secondly, their credit conditions are, directly saying, not mutually beneficial, and the decision on granting credit can take several days. The main disadvantage of the auto pawn shop is that you cannot use a vehicle until the full sum taken is not paid back including the interests.

If you want to get a car title loan on beneficial conditions and so that you can have a car at hand, please apply to CarInvest. We are the representatives of the reliable French financial organizations, that’s why we can safely grant quick loans for any amounts. By applying for a car title loan in our company, you’ll get:

  • up to 70% of the car price;
  • official registration of the deal with the support of the experienced lawyer;
  • full confidentiality of the terms of the agreement and client’s anonymity;
  • customization of car loan terms, including customization of payment schedule and consideration of all client’s wishes;
  • payment in any way suitable for a client (in cash, bank transfer);
  • closed cycle deal;
  • opportunity of early repayment.

By applying for a car title loan with CarInvest, you remain the sole owner and continue using it.

How to borrow money on security of a car?

To get a car loan from CarInvest, the owner should have a passport, TIN, and documents relating to the vehicle. Before signing the necessary documents, the car is subject to mandatory expert technical assessment. An expert carefully inspects the vehicle and records the following information in the presence of its owner:

  • body and engine number;
  • date of manufacture, model;
  • vehicle registration certificate;
  • license number.

When all formalities are made and documents signed, the borrower receives money, and the car remains in his use.

Advantages of cooperation with CarInvest

CarInvest offers favorable and safe car title loan in Kiev. We are a foreign-invested company. We have all necessary licenses that we are ready to provide on the client’s demand any time. The advantages of cooperation with our company are evident:

  • The paperwork takes no longer than 2 hours;
  • Money are granted on the date of signing the agreement;
  • The client selects a time period for which he is ready to pledge his property;
  • The loan can be early repaid without penalty;
  • The terms of each car loan are developed individually with due regard to the condition of the pledged property, circumstances and client’s wishes.

The main credit advantage of CarInvest is that a car is pledged without parking. For details of the terms of application for loan, call on the phones given on the web-site.